When I thought there was a platform already, it actually was just a demo…

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I soon realize that doing a job interview in a language that you do not master is quite tough. And I am not talking about Dutch, I came here knowing very little English. My first application for a job finished with the sentence "you could not answer basic questions". And that gave me an idea: just prepare the answers for the basic questions.

My second interview at a startup went better. My preparation paid off, and I was able to present myself much better and I got my first offer. They showed me a complete web system to manage social media profiles. It was working flawlessly and they explained that we need to keep building it.  

I went back home thinking that I tricked the guy with my preparation and that I could hide my speaking issues and get a simple job to keep building on top of that nice system.

When I thought there was a platform already, it actually was just a demo…

First day at the office I was confused. They gave me access to the code base, but there was really little in there. It definitely wasn’t the system I saw in the interview. When I finally translated my question "Where is the 'real' system code?" I discovered the truth. I was shown a static demo, pure HTML, really little was done in the "back" and the due date was 5 months down the route. The technical team: myself!

6 years down the road

6 years down the road, 2 successful products, tens of colleagues (Dutch, Romanian, Spanish, Lithuanian, Irish, Italian), many servers, architecture decisions, mistakes, monoliths, services, Front Controllers, MVC’s, ETL’s, we keep on going with more challenges, more customers and thousand stories about parties, errors and achievements.

All of this could not be achieve without all of you, all the ones that are here or were at this company at any given moment. This is a group story and so will be.

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The comeback kid by Karst van Hameren