The Next Ad wars

A story by Rafael Enríquez Herrador

At the brink of world domination by Roel Witteman The comeback kid by Karst van Hameren

A new hope

It was the end of 2015. More than 4 years of experience in my bag as a PHP backend developer and almost finishing a master's degree in Data Science, my career needed new challenges to achieve. Without any previous experience working abroad, but carrying tons of illusions, two suitcases and looking forward to living this new adventure, I landed in Amsterdam on a cold night in November.

First thing that catches you is the energy of the team. The people working there have the perfect balance between experience and youth. The office is filled with energy and there is always someone to share a cup of coffee with and talk about new ideas.

I have to say that the beginning was not easy. Version 3.0 of The Next Ad was almost being released. I just landed in a new country, I had to learn about a completely new business, the architecture of a new application, how the Facebook Graph and Marketing API’s work... and I was for away from home. But thanks to the invaluable help of my new colleagues, the first commit arrived, and after that one, hundreds more.

The empire strikes back

The elder scrolls tell that it was 2010 when a group of visionaries imagined and created what would 3 years later be known as the best tool for managing and analyzing posts and their impact in multiple social networks at the same time, namely Media Injection. With customers the size of, Heineken, BMW, etc. it's one of the companies’ preferred applications to manage their social network accounts.

What happens with visionaries is that they cannot stop dreaming about the future.

When social network advertising started becoming real, the masterminds behind Media Injection asked themselves: why not use all the acquired knowledge and use it to manage and optimize ad campaigns in Facebook? That is how The Next Ad was born in 2014.

During this last year I've seen how more and more customers trust in The Next Ad everyday. The Next Ad is not a Facebook partner anymore, The Next Ad is the actual Facebook Marketing Partner. With more than 1 million euros of investment, The Next Ad is growing fast, following the steps of its predecessor, Media Injection.

Return of the Jedi

As I told you, when I arrived to The Next Ad I was looking for new challenges. And I've found them. Technically speaking, we look for the best design patterns to improve our code. We develop new algorithms to optimize campaigns with new fancy metrics every day. We add new awesome features to the application to help our customers reach their goals. We are optimizing, securing and scaling The Next Ad to operate globally! All these things framed into the unexplored field that social network advertising is.

Finally, I've found what I was looking for. And this journey has just started...

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