The Next Ad goes skiing

A story by Johanna Jennifer Drouin

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Some of us have been working at The Next Ad since its creation, some have only just joined the company a couple of days ago.  The date of recruitment didn’t matter, as long as you packed your motivation and brought a bag full of good vibes, you were welcome to join The Next Ad ski trip to the mountains of AUSTRIA!

You gotta know, at The Next Ad, we work hard and play hard: we work hard together as a team to reach major milestones. Once we’ve reached them, we play hard to celebrate our success. This mentality isn’t only reflected within the company’s DNA and culture but is lived by us, the team of The Next Ad. Working hard deserves rewards, right? There is nothing that tops a ski trip to the Alps with the entire team!

Kick-off at 4 am

Yes, that’s right. Our alarms went off at 3am, some of us didn’t even bother to go to sleep on Friday cause of the excitement for the trip and our 4-am meeting time on Saturday morning. With two vans and three cars, we drove more than 975 kilometres to the picturesque skiing village of Leogang, Austria.

Maintaining strict professional boundaries was hard during our 12-hour car ride, sharing snacks, falling asleep on each other’s shoulders and teasing each other with music from our childhood (I can still hear the Backstreet Boys in my head). Sitting next to each other on a limited space for a very long time definitely lay grounds for us to get to know each other better. ‘Do I look straight ahead while talking? Or turn to look at my colleague? Which is more professional? I am trying to be a model employee.’ In the end, social time is an incredibly important part of managing and developing personal connections with colleagues, isn’t it?

On the slopes

Blue sky, endless sunshine, perfect snow conditions, unlimited slopes, awesome skiing glasses by Rise and Shine gear (thanks for sponsoring us in making this trip more than amazing), and delicious Austrian food was on our menu every day of the trip. Almost everyone was on the same level and could ski together.
Apart from Karst who was actually a hero on ski’s and Benjamin, who is basically a super human and should probably qualify for the national Ski team, and Johanna, who tried out snowboarding for the first time and couldn’t really handle the big slopes (yet). Some of us, read The Beginners, were clearly terrified by some of the steep slopes overlooking the beautiful Alps of Austria. ‘You must show calm under pressure. This is all a test. We will never get promoted again.’ In the end some of us managed to ski down red slopes and faced the fear of heights.

Helping each other getting up again after a massive fall and a faceplant in the snow really made us bond and become one big team, #teamthenextad.

On the ground

Whilst we claimed the slopes and skied until our legs were burning, others stayed in the valley and pushed themselves to another level. Such as Humphry, who used this trip to train for his upcoming marathon. The conditions were perfect: 9 degrees celsius, lakes and forests next to the running track and fresh mountain air. Having trained on 788m above sea level (compared to -2m below sea level in Amsterdam) has definitely strengthened his lungs and will make him succeed in the Rotterdam marathon.

Apres ski

A ski trip wouldn’t be complete without apres ski. After a day of skiing, fresh air and a lot of sunshine, you could feel your legs burn and your stomach craving food. And drinks. ‘Just one drink. Don’t get too drunk. In the end, it’s a work trip, representing our company, The Next Ad.’

Riding back to Amsterdam

After several blue and red slopes, too much delicious food, one too many drinks, countless rays of sunshine and stomach-ache from laughing out too loud, we were headed back to Amsterdam. Some of us went straight back to business and took the plane to attend and give presentations at the Facebook Fast Track Event and Online Tuesday. Others used the 12-hour drive to get some work done on their laptops. ‘Now I’m just going to pretend to go over those notes for the meeting. Very serious notes. Maybe I should try and sleep? No. What if you snore. Do not sleep.’ Others were falling asleep, rewinding and reliving our unforgettable 4-day trip to the Alps.

Now that you got a first glimpse into our company culture, I’m not surprised that you want to become part of us. If you’re just as excited about The Next Ad as I am, you should check out the Jobs Portal and send your application today!

Share your thoughts and stories using the hashtag #thenextad and follow our journey and team around the globe by following the hashtag #teamthenextad. We would love to connect with you and maybe feature one of your stories very soon.


P.S. Check out the aftermovie of our skiing trip here

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