Media Injection / The Next Ad Housewarming Party

A story by Louai Nasser

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Calm Before The Storm

It was Friday the 23rd of March, a cold, yet sunny day. It’s approximately 2pm and a ridiculously large shipment of Heineken beers arrive. I know what you’re thinking. Just another Friday isn’t it? Think again. This was no regular day. A team was assembled in order to carry the beers up from the ground floor. Some members of the office seemed rather overwhelmed by the quantity, others knew exactly what was going on. The Housewarming Party preparations were officially under way and this was merely the calm before the storm.

As the clock hit 6 o’clock, the first beers were cracked open and the crisps and sausages made an appearance too. Silent disco headsets started making their way around the office. Music was on blast and it was all smiles from everyone. You could just feel that something special was about to go down!

Friends, Pizza, Music & Beer

The first guests started arriving, the music got louder, the beers got colder and in anticipation of a great night and weekend, spirits were high! As the first hour flew by, the first pizza whispers were heard.. “I heard they’re having pizza delivered today, is that true?” The rumours were spot on. There were pizzas galore, and everyone was on cloud nine. I mean, awesome music, pizza and beer on the house, and our teams at The Next Ad / Media Injection coming together with their friends and clients. Does it get better than that?

As the evening progressed, clearly, the night started taking its toll on some people. From beer pong, to the infamous ‘water or vodka’ game, silent disco to a live DJ music set and from snacks and refreshments to pizza and beer, this party had it all, from start to finish!

A Big Thank You

When I tell you that this party went on till 5am, and that including every hilarious detail of the night would require me to publish an entire book, I’m not quite far off the mark. It really was one of those nights.

If you were there on that fateful evening, then we would like to thank you for making our Media Injection / The Next Ad Housewarming Party so special. It simply wouldn’t have been the same without you. We would also like to apologise if your Saturday was as rough as ours was, but that’s just part of the package!

We hope to see you all again soon for another round of pizza and beer!


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