The comeback kid

A story by Karst van Hameren

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First contact

After finishing my Bachelor's in History and Philosophy and being a part time musician and editor, making the choice to apply for an internship at a social media management company wasn’t a particularly logical next step. But, after two and a half years I’m still an enthusiastic part of the Customer Success team helping people to get the most out of their Facebook efforts. Let me tell you my story!

An unlikely internship...

As you probably got from the introduction, I didn’t take the schoolbook approach to a well-planned career start. My wildest college years were behind me and I needed to start thinking about the next step. I got introduced to Media Injection by an acquaintance from the music scene and I applied to an internship. All went as planned and for the next six months I tried my best manning the technical support desk: handling incoming questions, harassing our developers to get answers and training people new to our system.

Continuing into an actual job

After the six months were up, I was very pleased to be offered the option to continue my job as a true employee. Soon, The Next Ad started taking off and manning the support desk for that platform too became part of my activities. The difference between the two platforms was clear from the start and the required flexibility in customer approach, as well as the constant translating of the technical solutions of a change to customer-friendly language, kept me both enthusiastic and engaged in helping both the platforms and our customers grow!

Returning to the nest

After being absent from the 'The Next Ad' scene for a year to finish my masters degree in History, I was glad to return to a company that not only had given me a first glimpse of the possibilities of Social Media but also showed me the difference you can make in the world by educating people and helping them reach their targets. Since September 2016 I’m back in Amsterdam as part of the Customer Success team, helping our customers get the best out of their social media marketing campaigns.

In short? Working at Media Injection and The Next Ad offered me the challenges to learn, help people reach their goals and be part of a team with a drive to actively shape the future!

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