At the brink of world domination

A story by Roel Witteman

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At Media Injection

I joined Media Injection when Media Injection was at the brink of world domination. Or well, when MI reached it's peak in the Netherlands. Social for business was new at that time, and a global search was going on to find the metric that could explain all customer behaviour on social. Armed with some programming skills and a lot of knowledge in statistical methods in psychology, I entered the stage. I tried – and succeeded at some level – to fit models over engagement data that are normally used to describe personality traits in psychological tests. Fortunately, the world lost interest in these kind of metrics, because new social networks were emerging - and of course the rise of Facebook advertising.

Going full-stack

At this point I slowly pivoted from being the stats-guy to becoming a full-stack web developer for Media Injection. This now makes me the in-house expert on all social APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn). This means that my main responsibilities are still within the MIConnect platform where my knowledge in both front- and backend technologies grows every day.

Happy and still standing strong

And this is why I am really happy to work here, and what makes my story worth your time: the opportunities and possibilities are all here. The only thing you need to do is reach out and good things will inevitably follow. Big opportunities, big growth. Just put your shoulders underneath it and push, the team will guide you in the right direction. Trust me on that.

Even though The Next Ad is growing fast and that my role at Media Injection is still my main (professional) concern, it's not my main role. As a senior in the team, I personally ensure that our new colleagues feel welcome and at ease. The company has its very own atmosphere. We have a special blend of people, where almost anyone can fit in. If you are a team player, like me, or like Dennis, or like Karst, Sanne, Humphry... No wait, let me rephrase that: If you are a team player like anyone else here, you'll blend in perfectly and I'll be happy to shake hands with you in the near future!

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